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For the 2nd year in a row, Portland DJ Dan Weisman was selected as a 'Couples' Choice Award Winner  on  AND just placed Dan as aTop 10 Dj in Portland. 

The 5-Star DJ Man - Portland DJ Dan

October 29th, 2019

5 Stars!  Dan was amazing! He played great music for everyone. It was a great blend of styles and our families loved that he played their requests.  When we remembered a song and asked and he played it.  The Shoe Game was fun, he got the crowd involved and my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Dan was personable and he read the crowd really well.  When we booked our DJ we wanted it to be the DJ we picked and we got that with Dan.  We highly recommend Dan!

Bride Courtney Stevens with Portland DJ Dan Weisman

Dan with this happy October 2019 Bride.

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